Great idea. Muslim countries should take Muslim refugees

Muslim Republican Coalition President Saba Ahmed criticized President Barack Hussein Obama for abdicating his “red-line” commitment towards Syria.

Ahmed also stated that Arab refugees from Syria and other conflict zones in the region would be a better fit in nearby Arab/Muslim countries.

  • the American

    Well why do we have to take them here ? how else will the leftards shift our racial, political, and religious demographics?

  • helm20558

    She needs to watch her back, I’m sure her comments will not be tolerated by her husband or her imam.

  • LandMinesOTB

    That’s rhetorical, right? Of course Muslim countries aren’t taking them because the PLAN is for them to overrun Western infidel countries! This is nothing about refuge, this is about Muslim domination of the world: another dark ages.

  • Phil

    If you housed all these refuges in the middle east Obama couldn’t further destroy America. America arm yourself now if you want to protect your family!

  • 19mad74

    I hope Trump brings this up in his next speech.

  • twspears6007

    How else can Islam spread across the world but through non-Muslim nations. If you think that Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and many African Nations will take in these Syrian refugees you are not dealing with reality they are in concert with the taking over of the world by the Nation of Islam the Koran is the blueprint their misguided religion is the catalyst .The nation of Islam is hoping that the armies of terrorist will win. The World is asleep at the wheel and the terrorist along with the staying in the background Nation of Islam is waiting to cheer any success of terrorism. You have to remember the millions and millions of Muslims in all most every Muslim Nation cheered when the terrorist murdered 3,000 Americans and other visitors at the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001. That was a clear message of how the Muslims think about the non-Muslim nations. This is certainly all about the conquering of nations of other faiths that they refer to as Infidels. The World must reject this in- human and freedom destroying vendetta by the Nation of Islam.

  • sherri palmer

    That is just what I was thinking! He will not like that idea at all!

  • sherri palmer

    this is his email website:

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    The false paradigm that these refugees need to come to US is ridiculous and does not have any historical empetus or backing in reality or fact. Previously refugees have been helped in their own lands largely and jot moved elsewhere . Safe zones were established and necessary items provided to rebuild and start a new life within their own cultural background. This is just another scheme by BHO and crew just as the children of latin America was a scheme to get more votes for the DEMs ! No rocket science here folks, just more lies and deceit and false paradigms forced down your throats via PRAVDA/MSM and the control freaks !

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