Spending Bill Has $4 BILLION in Welfare for Illegals

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions took to the Senate floor to highlight several provisions of the $1.1 trillion spending bill currently making its way through Congress.

As part of this legislation, Obama demanded and received from the GOP Senate and House leadership as much as $4 billion in tax credits for illegal aliens which are as Sen. Sessions points out are scored as welfare.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    they don’t have money to give senior citizens a raise this year but they can give illegals more welfare and money to house the refugees

  • TeaPartyImmigrationCoalition1

    $4 Billion for Welfare for Illegal Aliens This is more proof that the GOP has got to go.
    Time for a new party NOW>

    Coulter recently opined that Only Trump can save us from becoming an Uganda.
    She and others need to help us by forming a new party.

  • Clete Tacker

    It’s all very simple. President Oliar HATES this country, so he does everything he can to destroy it from within, even encouraging and PAYING people to come to this country and drain it. The fools in government that aid him in BOTH parties only do so to keep the power and control they have and don’t really care about the country or the pathetic direction in which it is heading. And it is very very clear that a good deal of liberal democrat voters are extremely uninformed, misinformed or just plain ignorant.

  • 19mad74

    So, I suppose this means that illegals are now filing bogus tax returns? Great more fraud and stolen I.D.s and I guess next they’ll be getting Social Security benefits.

  • cae973

    Seniors get no increase while their medical coverage costs, our veterans and their families struggle to survive but this bill gives money to illegal aliens…and they wonder why the American people are angry!!!


    In the military, we have a saying, BOHICA. Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Our struggle has become their gain. (Illegals).

  • 19mad74

    Just hope and pray that Donald Trump is our next president because if Hillary gets into the White House, we are in deep trouble as a nation.

  • jim


  • caligirl1960

    That money should give the elderly raises on their social security and our veterans and our homeless and poor citizens screw the illegals they need to go home!

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