ISIS Using Refugees to Infiltrate America

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul revealed that intelligence officials have determined the terrorist group ISIS has targeted the refugee program as a way to infiltrate sleeper agents into the United States.

“ISIS members in Syria have attempted to exploit it to get into the United States,” McCaul said during a michael mcCaulspeech at the National Defense University.

“The U.S. government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in Syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the U.S. refugee program.”

McCaul would not say specifically who informed him and other lawmakers about the revelation, only describing the sources as “elements of the intelligence community.”

“That was very courageous for them to come forward with this, to tell me about this personally, given the political debate on the Hill,” he added, suggesting that the news did not come from intelligence leaders.


  • GlobalThinkTank

    I would argue that ISIS will use intimidation to get family members that make it to the U.S. to be holdouts and cash-flow agents for their Indoctrinated ‘Radicalized’ extremists here in the U.S… even holding back-home family members hostage if necessary to influence their power of American Muslim families in the U.S…

    there are countless locations in the U.S. that are communities of Muslims; and it is in these communities that Jihadist and Extremist will come from. But the Muslim community won’t rat out anyone due to fear of retaliation and or death from their own Sharia Law and Caliphate.

    Even Westernized Muslims are in denial of fear; they say they don’t advocate nor support these Extremists, but they attend the Mosques and worship with them. They too are target by Jihadis for extortion, threats, and possibly intimidation if they don’t comply with Jihadis intentions as they grow secretly and silently within their communities.

    In order for Westernized Muslims to grow in real peace, they will have to accept a Reformation of the Koran; of ridding any and all reference to use of violence and of killing from their own bible… they need to accept that Killing is intolerable and unacceptable in ANY religion.

    Yes, Christians killed in the name of God hundreds of years ago, but we had a reformation. But the Koran still advocates Killing of children, of wives, of neighbors and of infidels… all the detestable and intolerable barbaric killing that is illegal in western society today… Muslims too have to change fundamentally if real peace is to prevail.

    Jews demand Tolerance, which Americans now accept, as we do accept and appreciate with all peaceable world religions, as I do accept all peaceable religions that don’t infringe on my Constitutional Freedoms and Rights.

    And now, Americans are going to have to demand Muslims to Reform if they wish to live in the West… otherwise, they need to go back to the Gulf States until they can reform.

  • 19mad74

    Trump speaks the truth and because of that they are going after him. Even Rand Paul thinks we should have a break on all immigration. But, Obama will do anything he can to keep the borders open and the refugees and asylum seekers coming.

  • 19mad74

    Well said!!!

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