Yes, folks, there are AT LEAST 30 million illegal aliens in the USA. The federal government claims only 11 million…sometimes 15 million….and sometimes 18 million.

However, the federal government statistics have remained the same since I’ve been tracking them since 2004. In those 14 years since, at least 1 1/2 million illegal aliens have entered the USA, EACH YEAR, undetected by Border Patrol. That adds about 21 million more to the illegal alien population since 2004.

So, what is the actual number? 11 million plus 21 million = 32 million, at a minimum. Perhaps 18 million plus 21 million = 39 million. As this invasion continues the USA and its inveterate history, language and customs (including national holidays) will be morphed into a new nation…one that does not at all resemble what it was for the past 240 years.

You can call me a “kook,” but everything I have predicted in the past 20 years about illegal immigration has come true. This is really happening, America.

Sadly, everything our country has built since its inception eventually will become only vague memories written about in future history books…history books selfishly revised by those of power and/or influence.

All illegal aliens must be deported back to their homelands, where they can apply at a US embassy for legal re-entry into the United States of America. After all, they are supposed to come here at the invitation of the US citizenry, not at the whim of anyone and every one who wants to come here.

There are about 8 billion people in thew world. Do we just let them all migrate here at will? Think about it.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
-a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-

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  • dcfla

    I wonder, are people Too Afraid to Comment?? While now because the “SITUATION” has been ALLOWED to Grow, it has been Aided by Our Own Government Especially that REGIME of 8 Long years of the ONE who Personally INVITED Illegals to Vote in OUR Country’s last Presidential Election, the ONES who made Sure they gave out ID Cards, & Drivers Licenses so in Some County’s or Towns or States where there was an ID requirement to Vote, where there are Actually those Gov. Officials who DO Care who votes, how many times, & IF they are a Legal CITIZEN with Voting rights for a Presidential Election, where “THEY” Did Not get the Voting Requirements changed, Well, TRANSFORMED, in those cases..They Bused in who ever, as Many as they Possibly could. Why all this Allowed, Aided, Assisted in the past now 3 decades, but especially under the 8 Long years of the REGIME we had?? For one Purpose VOTES & to Literally Transform Our Country, & Change the BALANCE of well REMOVE the BALANCE & Any Fairness..Left of Our Country’s Election Process so WE the Legal, Patriots who Have & Do Fight for OUR Country, COUNT. With over 30 million plus at the Least probably, of Illegals, & Anti-Americans must be Added, those are Families “Resettled” here, & Truly what’s it all about..MONEY. Votes =$$, Being a Politician, =$$.Why else do SO many Spend SO Much to Acquire a SEAT, whether it’s Top to Bottom, for a SALARY, of $100k or less? Because it’s Not about the Seat, it’s ALL About the MONEY. Political Pimps ARE the Majority of the POLITICIANS again, from Top to BOTTOM. Except now at the TOP is one who is NOT a Politician, & Did NOT Take the Highest Seat for a PAYDAY. That’s How I knew. He Still today OUTWORKS them ALL. Now He Must Stop this Ongoing INVASION Into Our Country. We ALL know they will be Let go, & told to come back..We ALL Know they NEVER COME BACK. They are COACHED, & They PAY to come here, this is NOT the Country’s POOR, look at the Pics to Prove it. ALL About the MONEY & the FREEBIES they are getting once they GET IN. They’ll NEVER leave, They’ll Just keep ADDING TO those WE Are Forced to TAKE CARE OF & SPEND OUR $ while THEY SEND THEIRS we GIVE to them, to Other Countries, Including MEXICO. Attorneys, Politicians, Charities, & Organizers, you know, Like the ONE We are Hoping to be RID of, yet like Soros, has a Huge ORGANIZED Group with Many CHAPTERS across Our Country to AID in the “CONTINUED TRANSFORMATION”..All Intentional to Continue to MAKE US OF A..Another 3RD World Country, Like all of EU & UK Already are..Pick a Nation, a Country, ANY, other than the USA, where are their people Really Free?? Saudi? No, Any South American Territory? NO, not even China, or Russia, or Korea, or any others..Name ONE.US OF A was I Hope IS…the LAST ONE Standing, but Not for long IF these INVASIONS continue.

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