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Boosting Our Economy With a “Free Lunch” Program for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive – According to Washington Post columnist Vivek Wadhwa, the latest version of the Start-up Visa program under consideration in Washington amounts to a “free lunch” for the Nation. So why not do it? [See column at] Under this program, up to 75,000 foreign students and skilled workers will get to […]

Washington Overreach – Chasing the Next Big Thing

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive – It never ceases to amaze how politicians in Washington, once elected, suddenly think they have all the solutions that will finally set the Nation right. They speak with solid assurance, unbridled confidence, and unassailable authority that if we just go along with their latest scheme, there will be good times […]

Unchecked Immigration – At What Cost for the Rest of Us?

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive – For those of us who value the rule of law, representative government and national sovereignty, these are indeed trying times. Our own elected officials in Washington seem more determined than ever to create a path to citizenship for 11+ million non-citizens who have crossed our borders to reside here illegally. […]

Immigration as a Public Charge

Red State – Our immigration system is broken, but not in the way that those who utter such declarations believe it to be. Immigration can be an integral part of a pro-growth economic agenda. It can also become a public charge. When liberals lament our broken immigration system, they are suggesting that we don’t admit […]

Obama to Act Unilaterally on Immigration Reform if Congress Fails

The Hill – President Obama can – and will – take steps on immigration reform in the event Congress doesn’t reach a comprehensive deal this year, according to several House Democratic leaders. While the Democrats are hoping Congress will preclude any executive action by enacting reforms legislatively, they say the administration has the tools to […]

Three Questions DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Cannot Answer

ABC News – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before a Senate committee on Wednesday about issues like border security and the need for improvements to the legal immigration system. She spoke broadly about the vast strides taken under her watch to both grow and enhance immigration enforcement. But at the hearing in the Senate […]

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