About Baesic.net

John Gilchrist started Paper Steamboat Technologies (PSBT) in 1991 with an acquaintance Jim when the internet had begun to emerge. This was when websites were writen by hand at the code level. In 1994 it was restructured and named Baesic.net as a primary inhouse online testing center. The vast majority of software and websites went throught this center for testing prior to being distributed to their final domain desination.

Things have change with the introduction of Site Builders and CMS Packages during the last decade. We had to compete, and with our own inhouse Rapid Deployment Profiler the time to publish a website is cut in half. See the list of samples available to you.

Here, at Baesic.net our developers (refered to as coders) are well qualified. They must be able to produce and have produced before. Possessing a certificate and the use of a Site Builder or CMS Package does make an individual qualified. Coders, as the name implies are those individuals who can read, write and speak web based developement languages as a second language.

About John Gilchrist

John Gilchrist
John Gilchrist
John holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, an AS in Engineering and various hardware/software certificates including MCSE. He has worked as a Field Engineer since 1972 for Burroughs, Unisys and Fujitsu corporations. Curent operational status includes Unix/Linux and Windows servers with an additional implimentation in Computer Forensics. Custom logic designs for various applications (privatized by employer). Troubleshoot and maintenance of personal computers.

John is a veteran of the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era. Serving as an Electronic Technician in the 6th Fleet for 6 years, activly removing live mines in the Algerian Basin. The area was later refered to Moammar Kadafi's Line of Death. Security clearance: secret crypto.

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