Commentary by Jim Gilchrist:

I believe in the death penalty. And I believe it should have been given to the sub-human who brutally killed one of our cops.
Look at the Sheriff Deputy’s picture, Americans. How could anything but a monster deliberately shoot and kill one of America’s finest!
Honestly, I wish I had been there, with a legally concealed handgun. I would have taken care of the problem right then and there.
Yeah, I know to some of you I sound like I’m “out of line.” I have been involved in the illegal immigration dilemma for almost 20 years, and I have seen this kind of rampage conducted against our cops everywhere…time and again…by not only our own home-grown criminals, but by thousands, yes “thousands” of murderous illegal aliens.
For those of you who might think I am “out of line” with my harsh comments, I can only reply: “YOU are out of your mind.”
Look at this Deputy’s picture…and never forget it.
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