Ryan promises to be tough on immigration – Do you believe him?


House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday ruled out working with President Barack Obama on overhauling U.S. immigration policy, saying it would be “a ridiculous notion” to pursue legislation because Obama cannot be trusted on the issue. (It’s about one minute in on the interview above)

Republicans have fought Obama’s unilateral steps that bypassed a gridlocked Congress to try to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

Obama’s executive orders, announced last November but put on hold by the courts, would let up to 4.7 million illegal immigrants stay without threat of deportation. It was aimed mainly at helping 4.4 million people whose children are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

“I think it would be a ridiculous notion to try and work on an issue like this with a president we simply cannot trust on this issue,” Ryan said in the interview above aired on the CBS program “Face the Nation.”

“He tried to go it alone, circumventing the legislative process with his executive orders, so that is not in the cards. I think if we reach consensus on how best to achieve border and interior enforcement security, I think that’s fine,” Ryan added.

Ryan acknowledged that he promised the House Freedom Caucus, which includes the most conservative members of the House, not to bring up immigration reform legislation, and blamed Obama.

“This president tried to write the law himself,” Ryan told the CNN program “State of the Union”, accusing Obama of exceeding his constitutional powers. “Presidents don’t write laws. Congress writes laws.”


  • The_Frog_Prince

    I don’t trust any of those career pick pockets in DC whether it be Obama or Ryan. Thieves flock together.

  • 19mad74

    No, I don’t trust him. But, I am hoping that enough Republicans hold him to his promise to not push for an amnesty. And Americans need to keep the pressure on Congress to hold him to his promise.

  • cae973

    I believe ryan as much as I believe anything hillary says…they will both say anything it takes to gain power

  • Marvin Zeichner

    Trust Paul Ryan? Not On Tour Life!

  • the American

    Of course not, if he had it his way, we would be straight third world now.

  • the American

    It looks like Tide is Pro illegal alien now …one more company to boycott…. they must have a lot of illegals working for them.

  • sherri palmer

    NO! I cant even believe that the GOP voted for his ass to be speaker of the house…they will be voted out!

  • Guest

    NO!! Obama is blackmailing all of congress. That’s why they want stop him. He’s holding whatever over their heads. They could impeach him but NO these CRY BABIES are to scared. I say go for it and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Guest
  • http://www.honoratus.org/ Snod

    The only thing Ryan will be tough on will be real conservatives who want to follow our Constitution!

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